ABOUT – Darner Socks



Darner is a luxury intimates line comprised of high-end socks designed and handmade in Los Angeles.  

The name Darner is inspired by the nickname given to the women brought into the military during the Civil War to repair (or darn) the soldiers’ damaged socks.

Darning is a sewing technique for repairing holes and damaged fabric using a needle and thread alone.  A darner is also a needlework tool, often a mushroom-like shaped wooden object, ideal for hand-darning socks.

Our unique cut-and-sew sock design embraces the foot to create long, lean lines that accentuate and extend the look of one’s legs. This signature, along with our precious materials, sets Darner socks apart from traditional knitted socks. 

Darner socks has a timeless sophistication, whether worn slouched around the ankles or styled high with heels. Our variety of styles offers a plethora of choices to match all outfits and moods. Offering sheer, nylon fabric in custom solid colors and vibrant prints.  Styles range from pale lavender and powder blue to classic polka dots and fishnets. Along with more extravagant designs incorporating vintage-inspired florals, and a variety of lustrous velvets.  

Darner is built on thoughtfulness through aesthetics and quality.  Making conscious decisions to create products that are special both in design and craftsmanship.  Darner is designed, developed, manufactured by hand, and packaged locally in Los Angeles in small batches.

Darner has collaborated and partnered with stores and brands that have a like-minded vision and aesthetic, creating exclusive collaborations for Opening Ceremony, Net-a-Porter,  Man Repeller, Fred Segal, MatchesFashion, Pringle of Scotland, Rodarte, and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

As a brand, we are grateful for the attention we have received from publications and tastemakers all over the world. Darner has organically been featured numerous times in Vogue, Vogue Italia, Wall Street Journal, i-D, Teen Vogue, Bazaar, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Numero, W Magazine, L'OFFICIEL, DAZED, The Cut, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Schön!, Nylon, and WWD, to name a few.   

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