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Locally produced in Los Angeles in small batches, Darner socks are printed in beautiful and unique custom solid colors and prints. Each color and print is sketched, created into fabric, and then cut and sewn locally into your favorite accessory. Whether you’re looking to be dressed up or wear more of a casual look, Darner is endlessly versatile and adds a stylish touch to every look. 

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Our classic Mesh socks. Spice up your outfit with our luxury Mesh socks. Pick from the wide range of solids or prints. Super dainty and soft. Makes slipping into all shoes more comfertable.


Our fun and cozy Velvet socks. Whether you're making a fashion statement (which we love doing) or wearing with sneakers or no shoes at all, our wide array of Crushed Velvet, Regular Velvet or Velvet Polka Dots are an obsession worth having.


Our newest additions, the Tinsel are sparkly on the outside and lined with super soft fabric on the inside. Our Foil socks are radiant and give off a glamous sheen.

Unique & Chic

With endless ways to style and a wide variety of prints and colors, our socks will soon become your mainstay.  We are always expanding our special fabrics with limited edition pieces so you know your socks are not mass-produced and will be a unique and chic addition to your closet.

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